CONFRONTATION IN DUB. Artist: Various. Label: Tanty Records

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Artist: Various.
Label: Tanty Records
CONFRONTATION IN DUB - the Dub Funk Association re-mix album
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Track Listing:
1. Music of Life: Kickback Mix Gravity`s Rainbow
2. Style of Champions: Ninja`s Revenge Mix System Dub
3. Out From Space: Tumbling Dice Mix Embee Black Sheen
4. Black City Dread: Extra Combustion Mix Part 2
5. Are You Satisfied?: Hands of Freedom Mix Dub Funk Association
6. Death Trap: Feel the Spirit Mix Feeler
7. African Theory: Digital Voodoo Mix Cabal
8. Are You Satisfied?: Future Funk Mix Fellowship
9. Dub Journey: Idlers Rest Mix Mark B
10. Love So Strong: Heavens Gate Mix Dub Funk Association
11. House of Trance: Steppers Dub Mix Shotgun Rockers
12. Out From Space: Hap Ki Do Mix Spiral Head
13. City of Angels: Freedom Fighters Mix Dub Funk Association
14. Restless Breed: Slam Dunk Mix Emperor Sly
15. Raise the Dub: Dreadlocks Mirage Mix Transequence

The The Dub Funk Association Remix album in the true spirit of the Dub Funk Association.
Dub Funk is the bringing together of dub house techno jazz and hip hop music and never more so than on this release.Ten months in the making `Confrontation In Dub` brings some of the most talented producers and artists in their respective music genres together under the `Dub Funk` umbrella.Gravity`s Rainbow interpretation of `Music Of Life` stands as a fine example of how to inject more funk into an original track but still keeping the Dub in fact the `Dub Funk` essence intact.Hip hop is represented Mark B Jazz Fudge Part 2 Big Dadda Cabal Tanty. Drum n bass is represented Embee The Fellowship Juice/Splash. Techno is represented Spiralhead Magik Eye Emperor Sly Zip Dog. Ambient is represented Feeler and Transequence Tanty. Dub is represented Shotgun Rockers TP9 and System Dub Funky Zen.To bring such a diverse set of tracks together and for those tracks to complement each other as a whole as in this set proves that the boundary crossing nature of `Dub Funk` can and does succeed.REVIEWAlthough one of the first to collage a zillion musical styles together before the current rush I think they have been greatly overlooked by a lot of people. Which is a shame because of the many musical elements here that would surely appeal to just about everyone. This is a sort of greates hits style release which has been overhauled and generally reworked by many people from different genres covered by the obviously very talented Kelvin R. As I`ve already said this release welds together all these musical influences with an underlying dub springboard. Tracks like `Are You Satisfied?` Out From Space` and my personal favourite `Raise The Dub` are all superb musical fusions as are `Restless Breed` `City Of Angels` and the voodoo electroid digi dub of `African Theory`. A wicked selection of futuristic dub funk. WAX REVIEWAttention all those with an open mind to music. Confrontation in Dub by the Dub Funk Association is an album you must get your hands on. But who are these dub-funksters? I hear you ask. Well set up in 1991 by Kelvin R the Dub Funk Association is a loose collection musicians bringing together influences and sounds from reggae jazz and hip hop. Over the years they have brought out seven singles and four albums including the forthcoming album which is a remix album of back catalogue selections. Remix duties on the album fall to amongst others Embee and Fellowship of the juice crew who serve up two contrasting drum & bass licks; Part 2 of Big Dadda fame who delivers a sharp rework of Are You Satisfied? while the Shotgun Rockers give us the self explanatory Steppers Dub Mix of House of Trance . Overall this is an album well worth checking if you re a fan of good music regardless of genre or fashion because at the end of the day it s really only the music that matters innit? KNOWLEDGE



  • Artist: Various
  • Label: Tanty Records
  • Genre: Reggae / Dub
  • Weight: 0.08kg


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